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Holme Bridge, Burnley

Holme Bridge Burnley is a Reinforced Concrete Motorway Bridge spanning the River Calder supporting all lanes of the M65 Motorway. On one side of the river the main support beams were suffering from corrosion of the reinforcing bars and as a result the concrete was deteriorating and laminating.

Holme Bridge

Project Details

Parkwood Contractors were selected to carry out Repairs.

The works involved awkward access to sections of the bridge overhanging the river. A cantilevered scaffold system was designed and implemented which involved no support being placed within the watercourse. This type of scaffolding eliminates risk of flood water damaging the scaffolding causing difficulties for the Environment Agency with the scaffolding causing obstruction issues.

Our trained operatives used a variety of proprietary concrete repair methods to the faces and soffits of the main support beam and other epoxy resin repairs. The completed works were cost effective, carried out in only 4 weeks and all to the satisfaction of the engineers involved