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York Minster

Parkwood Contractors were selected as specialist contractors to install Cintec Anchors to the broach stones around the base of the East Front spirelet.

York Minster

Project Details

The Problem

The opposite spirelet was in a worse condition than this one and in previous years was dismantled and re-built with new stone. The aim with the East Front spirelet was to minimise the amount of re-build and stone replacement and this was dependent upon finding a way of forming an octagonal ring tie at the steeple base.

The broach stones at the base of the steeple are formed from 16 individual stones placed to form an octagonal shaped. The stones required bonding together to achieve the ring without causing too much disruption to the stone or the fragile intricate detailing surrounding.

The Solution

Parkwood devised a method of installing a series of 8 cintec anchors drilled to a high level of precision to pass through each individual stone and interlock to form a solid ring tie around the base. The architects, engineers and Superintendant of Works were very happy with the final design and installation which resulted in only 9 pilot holes being required, core extraction techniques were adopted to leave a blind hole.