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Banchory Devenick Bridge, Aberdeenshire

Parkwood Contractors were selected to install large Cintec Anchors to consolidate the wing walls of a stone built bridge along a busy 'A' road just outside of Aberdeen alongside the River Dee.

The bridge granite arch

Project Details

The bridge dates back around 100 years and spans a small brook which leads into the adjacent River Dee.

The problem was that the carriageway had caused vibrations in the stone wing walls which had led to bulging and depression in the road surface. The bridge engineers classed this defect as an emergency repair and selected the Cintec approach to stabilise the bridge and prevent the need to re-build.

29 No. 9 m long anchors were installed from drilling through one wing wall beneath the carriageway and into the remote wing wall through a mixture of sandy gravel, granite stone and clay. Other smaller anchors were used to stabilise masonry locally.

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Parkwood Contractors were selected both because of the competitive price and our experience with difficult long anchor installations. The drilling works were a difficult task as 76mm holes were required for the anchors and were needed to be kept open to allow for the anchors which were M16 stainless studding to be inserted prior to the sock inflation. Using a range of high powered diamond drills and large rig assemblies, diamond core bits and mining barrels, the holes were drilled and spoil removed.

During the course of the works the carriageway above remained live at all times with one lane closure put in place for our safe working.

Our Client Aberdeenshire Council were very happy with the installations and the skill and experience of our operatives. Works were completed within 10 weeks at a fraction of the anticipated re-build costs.