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Lowther Castle, Penrith, Lake District

Ten years ago Parkwood Contractors was summoned to Lowther Castle by Blackett-Ord Conservation Engineers for a site meeting to discuss the practicality of drilling and stitching the castellated parapets and towers together.

Lowther Castle scaffolded for works

Project Details

We proposed that by diamond core drilling and stitching with numerous socked cementitious injection anchors we create a reinforced ring beam arrangement, utilising the existing masonry and the newly introduced grouted stainless steel tendons.

The works were successfully completed the remediation using this technique, with some difficulty (due to freezing drilling water pipes) within the winter months when the castle grounds were closed to the public. Many of the anchors protruded from behind the facade walls and were fixed to large galvanised steel posts, bolted to concrete anchor blocs buried behind the curtain walls of the ruin.

In 2011 Parkwood was once again summoned to the castle, this time by Stirling Stone who have been commissioned to restore the masonry of the castle by rebuilding.

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Part of this restoration involves further stitching work and the installation of massive stainless steel posts and dog legged brackets installed within the core of the walls and bolted in place by 20 number socked Grip Bar anchors, 48mm in diameter and over 3000mm long grouted in to 100mm diameter vertically core drilled holes.

These massive brackets will support the new walls which are to be built up around them, this will enable the final removal of the unsightly galvanised steel supporting posts we were responsible for tying to those 10 years ago in order that the ruins can at last be fully opened to the public later in 2013.