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Belle Vue Mills, Skipton

Parkwood were asked to inspect the basement of this Mill to look at designing and installing a waterproofing system. The basement at this time was completely flooded with fresh moisture ingress occurring at all times. During rainfall you could expect 50 plus litres of water per minute to ingress.

The Main Mill buildings

Project Details

Basement Waterproofing

The problem was probably exacerbated by the mills location which is immediately adjacent to and south of the tow path of The Leeds Liverpool Canal. The bank of the canal which is benched up above the mill is also positioned at the bottom of the quite steep School Hill.

The project engineers had proposed the use of a well-known brand of tanking render for waterproofing the inside of the basement walls, our in house designer however was not confident this would be a cost effective or compatible system given the amount of ingress the area was experiencing.

After a number of meetings with various waterproofing render manufacturers and discussion with other interested parties Parkwood were given the go ahead to install a water management system and dry line the interior of the mills basement, ready for its conversion into a plant room.

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Duckbill Anchor Installation

Against the east side wall of the mill runs a narrow cobbled street called Brewery Lane, which comes down School Hill over the canal swing bridge to the top of a ramp, the ramp starts on the canal bank carrying the tow path and then leads down to Broughton Road.

One of the conditions of the development was that the existing earthen ramp would be rebuilt using reinforced concrete, secured in place by approximately 22 number 6 metre long Duckbill ground anchors and then back filled with suitable excavated material and clad in stone.

Parkwood were able to install these anchors within the same window as the water management works to the basement, the ground anchor installations took about 3 days to complete.

Whilst on site Parkwood as specialists in protective and waterproof coating application were also contracted to provide a waterproof decking for a large balcony area and also provide a fosroc coating to protect a concrete attenuation take from moisture penetration and salt damage in winter.