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Bishopthorpe Palace

This fine property dates back to circa 1226 with additions added in the 1400's & 1700's, the palace has been the home to the Archbishops of York for over 750 years.

Main front elevation showing location of porch

Project Details

Concerns had been raised regarding cracking observed to the soffit of the porch of the Gothic Range combined with an outward tilt of the structure.

In essence the porch is in three square bays supported on four pillars to the west side with corresponding shafts to the east set against the main facade, the soffit is fan-vaulted.

The canopy stone work originally supported a large oriel window, which was removed in the 1920's. The gothic style pointed arches are naturally steep and the vaulting originally supported the weight from the ornate stone oriel window. It is possible the removal of the oriel, coupled with disturbance during demolition, has upset the balance of loads leading to slippage along the joints.

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This was achieved by means of 19.50 linear metres of 16mm diameter, stainless steel socked cementitious grout injection anchors, installed in 18 number 40mm diameter diamond core drilled holes to the required depth, with cores kept to allow plugging and concealing of the holes. These entry holes were concealed in-between mouldings and decorations.